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These Are Questions Our Students Ask Most


1. Question: I captured my friend's Queen, two rooks, two bishops and her knight. How many class points do I have?


  Answer:  Piece value points are different from class points. Capturing pieces and getting points don't count as class points. Each piece students capture has a point value. Review the "Piece Value" video to see what your chess pieces are worth.


2. Question: How many class points do I have?


  Answer:  Students accumulate class points based on a variety of different circumstances. Enything from answering questions correctly to having the right color shoes on that day :-) At the end of each month students will recieve a "Chess Report" this report will have the total # of points for the month. This report also includes what we will go over the following month as-well-as valuable information about what your student learned the previous month. Just another way to keep you (the parents) connected to your young mastermind's progress in our program.   



3. Question: How BIG is my trophy going to be?


  Answer:  Trophies vary in size dependent upon the total number of games won and loss during the course of the semester. Trophies are also determined by the number of points your student earned during classes. More points' BIGGER trophy, less points' smaller trophy


4. Question: How do I watch the cartoon videos on the website?

Answer:  Click on the "Children's Chess Videos" section of the website under "Learn Chess Now". Enter the password that was emailed to mom or dad or nana or grand papa or big sister or big brother or auntie or uncle or 1st cousin or 2nd cousin or 3rd cousin or the dog or the cat or the gold fish or...... Got It? ................. Say "Got It" if you Got It. Good Job!

5. Question: Will I have homework?


Answer: NEVER........ Chess Adventures does not give homework. Between soccer, dance, karate, swim lessons, basketball, football, fencing, robotics, polo, lacrosse, English, Math, Science, Recess...... (OK, Maybe Not Recess) drama, homework club and video games, you don't have time for chess homework soooo Study chess at your own pace. Practice chess when you feel the need to get smarter, then go and challenge one of the people in #4. to a game of CHESS!       

Students FAQ

These Are Questions Our Parents Ask Most


1. Question: When are payments due?


  Answer: Payments are due on the first of each month. All payments are automatically debited on the first of each month unless other arrangements have been made. Please feel free to call our office if you have any questions or concerns about payment arrangements.

***** Please Note: There will be a $5 fee assessed to any failed payments. If your payment is processed successfully, you will NOT see this fee. This fee is only for payments that do not process successfully for any reason.

2. Question: What if I'm late picking up my child?


  Answer: We totally understand that things happen from time to time. We allow for one late pick up per school year however, there will be a late fee of $1.00 per minute that you are late. After the first late, we begin discussing removing the student from the program. This is not at all our intent or best resolution, however our coaches have families and plans after classes. Since our policy is 2 coaches must remain with any student(s) who are picked up late, the coaches are required to stay until parent(s) or guardians arrive but they are still ON The Clock. The late fees go directly to the coaches for their time and commitment and not to Chess Adventures.    



3. Question: When Is Awards Day?

   Answer: Awards day's are held on the day of your student's class one week before school is officially over for the semester. Trophy Day also marks the last day of the chess class for the semester.

4. Question: How do I re-register for next school year?

   Answer: If your student is already attending our chess classes, simply indicate that you would like to re-sign your child up for the next school year by email or a phone call to our office. You do not need to do any paper work or re-setting accounts. Simply let us know! That's All :-)

5. Question: How is my child doing in the class?

   Answer: Our kid friendly coaches and instructors go out of their way to make sure each child get's the proper attentions and information in our classes. You are welcome to call our office to speak with the coaches for your child's school to check their progress. Further, we give "Monthly Chess Reports" (per request) that detail your students progress in the class and what they've learned each month so you are never in the dark about how your student is progressing. 

Parents FAQ



Download Files and
Info Here.....

For your convenience we have made our enrollment application, brochure and publicity release forms available for download. Feel free to download this information and keep for your records or submit into our office via fax or email.

Fax: 770-710-0498

Email: chessadventures@gmail.com

Session Dates & Fees

Fall Semester
Aug. - Dec. 



Our total fee for the fall semester is just $200 (in most schools). You can pay the total fee upfront to to eliminate monthly credit card charges. If you opt out of auto-pay you must pay the semester in full.

Spring Semester
January - May




Our total fee for the spring semester is $200 (in most schools). Pay for full fee upfront to eliminate monthly credit card charges. This fee will only be higher if your student's school charges us a fee to host there.

Summer Camps
June - July


Our total fee for the full week of summer camp is simply $100 (per week). Compare this price with other camps and you'll notice we are very reasonably priced. Register now!

Files to Download