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Chess Adventures

Chess Life

Staying Competitive
We use interactive computer based chess games and animated chess videos in our classes.

To keep up and stay competitive with today's technology, we use a vast array of unique chess giggits and gadgets for our students including laptops, projectors and Ipads in all of our classes. 

Our giant sets are a big hit with our students. They love tactile discoveries and life size chess boards that allow them to get directly into the game. 

We use many different styles of chess and many different methods to prepare our young players to begin learning standard chess. This is one of our "Silly Sets" used to introduce young players to the chess board.   

Tournament Chess is where our students compete in a formal or non-formal friendly competition to test their knowledge and understanding of the game against their peers. All tournaments are evenly paired by score or rating. 

Tournament Chess
Silly Chess
Giant Chess

Bughouse is by far most of our students #1 choice chess game. It's fun, fast and silly. We like bughouse because it promotes team building.

Blitz is our most intense form of chess. This form of chess is played with a clock or timer and is usually fast paced. Blitz prepares our students for quick thinking. 


This is our standard game of chess.

In regular chess we encourage concentration and focus to promote good decision making on the chess board and in life.

Chess Activities