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8 Queen Challenge

Solve the mystery of this challenge To Become  The
8 Queen Challenge Master".
Purpose - The purpose of the 8 Queen Challenge is to stimulate the mind by using an 8x8 grid to solve a (very challenging) puzzle. This puzze inspires Strategic Thinking, Foresight, Patience, Imagination, Problem Solving, Planning, Analyzing and Awareness.
Objective - Place 8 Queens on the chessboard so that none of the queens can attack each other. The solutoin requires that no two queens share the same row, column or diagonal.
* How to Play - Place a queen on the chessboard by clicking on a square. To remove or replace a queen, click on the queen again and it will disappear allowing you to place it in another square. When you have successfully placed all 8 queens on the chessboard YOU WIN!
Play again to beat your fastest time. The current CHESS ADVENTURES Best Time is 00:00:05 (5 seconds)
* NOTE: There are 92 possible solutions
Push the play button to turn music on or off.
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